SOZOCARE is a collection designed and made with great care for people who, like us, demand an ethical and responsible fashion.

We have always believed that "nature has rights!", Nature has its own rights, just like human beings. And such rights must be defended, and nature must be preserved. And we are all responsible for that.

Our elastic fabrics are made of regenerated Nylon, turning marine waste, among others, into solutions for fashion.

After reaching the end of their useful life, they are not thrown away in a landfill, but are recovered, regenerated and transformed into echo fabric.

Cotton is a scarce resource. Consequently, we must be committed to sustainable and ecological production

Overproduction and waste of clothing and fabrics that are not used is clearly a problem that is not addressed in the fashion industry. Honestly, it is unknown, how much dead stock arises every year. Some estimate that in some large retail chains, around 10% of garments are not sold, leading to huge amounts of clothing everywhere. Of course, this involves waste of fabrics, dyes, environmental impacts, etc.

Through our system of advance orders, we can estimate how many pieces we are going to sell in a single product: therefore, we produce, what we sell. This not only leads to greater efficiency of resources and prevents the waste of raw material without sense, but also literally pays off in the end: the creation of less waste materials leads to lower costs for garments produced, resulting in lower costs of production by garments.

These savings are remitted in part to our customers, so that everyone benefits from this: the environment, us and you.


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