¿What is pre-order? 

A few days before starting the production of each garment, we launched it in our store and began to receive and pick up orders.

In this way, we can estimate how many pieces we are going to sell each, and make a much tighter production.

To thank you for your patience and understanding, we offer a 20% discount on all advanced payment orders.

This allows us greater efficiency of resources and avoids the waste of raw material without sense, which helps us to compensate the high cost of production per garment that small lots involve.

Likewise, the proximity and close contact with the workshops where the production takes place gives us the advantage of being able to make adjustments and follow the demand once the pre-sale period has ended.

Logically, we serve the orders in order of arrival, so that the first to receive the garments and enjoy them are those who asked for them in the first place. Even so, the waiting time may be a bit longer than usual.

Finally, we all benefit, we, our customers, and the environment.


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