My Sozo is a sportswear creating space thought on an active woman like you.

We are a community of designers, each model of our collection is designed by people who love sports, fashion and active life. Our collection consists of a limited selection of unique pieces, whose manufacture responds to our commitment to the 5 principles of "Fashion Commitment".            


The love and respect for the environment and the environment in which we live leads us to act under certain criteria that promote sustainability. At My Sozo we carefully select the materials and fabrics for their origin and quality, we bet on the natural, "organic" and proximity fabrics. In the packaging, we prefer to use materials from recycled or recyclable origin, thus protecting our garments and our environment at the same time.

Our essence is based on making reduced collections, both in number of pieces and in quantities manufactured.

One of the advantages that small-scale production gives us is that we control and adjust better the resources to use and thus we do not generate surpluses or stocks unnecessarily.

At My Sozo, we are committed to quality above all else. We take the necessary time to find the best fabrics, select the most appropriate workshops, look for unique accessories, ... we do tests, we rectify, and we start again, until we achieve 100% satisfaction.

From the beginning of the design to its final production we put all our effort into making each of our garments special.
The design and pattern team work carefully. Each collection is treated with exclusivity, down to the smallest detail, starting from the first contact with the Sozer until the order arrives at our clients' house.

We like to be part of a community, we believe in sharing experiences and designs, and that the result is very beneficial for our clients. Thanks to all our Sozers, we can offer a wide range of models and thus we can reach a higher level of satisfaction.

If you are a content creator (influencer, youtuber, instagramer, ...) or are interested in fashion, My Sozo wants to give you the opportunity to design your own collection. If you want to make your dreams come true, you need to contact Our team will explain how to develop this collection and advise you on what is necessary.

Join us and be part of the community.


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