My Sozo is a creation space from which we present exclusive fashion collections designed by some of the most trendy, inspiring and influential people of the moment.

Under the unmistakable stamp that imprints the style and personality of each of them, each capsule is made up of a limited selection of unique pieces, whose manufacture responds to our commitment to the principles of "slow fashion" or sustainable, ethical and slow fashion .

In addition to providing value and inspiration to the world of fashion, all the "sozers" or designers who collaborate with mysozo, take pride in both the aesthetics of their creations and the ethics behind them, sharing our same values.

Our commitment:

The "slow fashion" or slow fashion is a conscious effort to get away from the excessive consumerism promoted by the fast fashion industry.

It is based on the principles of environmental sustainability, the commitment to create smaller collections, with pieces made of high quality materials that extend the life of the garment, and manufacturing and production methods that ensure ethical manufacture and quality.

This is our essence, and the values we want to see in the labels we choose to wear.


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