Take care of your clothes

10 tips so your clothes are always impeccable

  1. Wash separately white and light colored garments, colored or dark garments.
  2. Natural fabrics such as wool, linen or silk shrink when washed at too high a temperature and deform when centrifuged or laid vertically. It is recommended to wash artificial and synthetic fabrics in warm water and iron them at low temperature and vice versa. Cowboys must always be washed inside out and must not exceed 40ºC.
  3. Do not overfill the washing machine. With excess load, the clothes may not be clean enough.
  4. We recommend that you wash with neutral detergents because they contain less bleaching agents.
  5. Wash your clothes inside out and better if it is with liquid detergent than powder or with solid detergent.
  6. Use detergent and fabric softener sparingly. If you pass, stains may appear on the garments.
  7. Avoid using dryers. The fabrics become opaque and the garments wear out.
  8. High temperatures are harmful to tissues.
  9. When you dry your clothes outdoors, avoid direct sunlight.
  10. As for ironing, it starts with the lowest temperature. In the case of dark colors, iron the clothes inside out or when it is slightly damp.

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